Saturday, September 6, 2014

Choices / Actions / Impact

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Can a baby survive an abortion?  Yes, some in fact do.*
This is Claire (right).  Her arm was torn off
during her abortion.  She wasn't a person
when the abortionist began to dismember her,
but moments later she was and is now.
Planned Parenthood says that these “extremely unlikely and highly unusual medical circumstances” just don't happen.
Official CDC records, however, show 362 babies born alive in the U.S. subsequently died as a result of actions or deliberate inaction by the abortionist. Similar records in Canada report 491 babies who were born alive were subsequently allowed to die by the abortionist. U.K. records show a similar annual rate of such incidents, around 500 in the last decade.  (These are just the deaths which were actually reported.)

After the reports were released, Planned Parenthood continues to deny that such things ever happen.  Meanwhile ...

Melissa Ohden, abortion
survivor and founder of
Abortion Survivors Network

"Abortion was meant to
render us voiceless. We are
here to give voice to our
These killings (of a live-born aborted baby) became so routine that no one could put an exact number on them. They were considered ‘standard procedure.’ ”
Sarah Smith survived the
abortion that killed her
twin brother.
Extract from the Gosnell investigation, “We were able to document seven specific incidents in which Gosnell or one of his employees severed the spine of a viable baby born alive,” said the grand jury. “We charge Gosnell, Lynda Williams, Adrienne Moton, and Steven Massof with murder in the first degree. Along with Sherry West, they are also charged with conspiracy to commit murder in relation to the hundreds of unidentifiable instances in which they planned to, and no doubt did, carry out similar killings.”
Some babies do survive to adulthood. Estimates suggest around 40,000 Americans have survived being aborted. Analysis of the available information points to many times that number having been born alive but dying by action or neglect.

James Pendergraft is the owner of five abortion facilities in Florida and a late-term clinic in D.C. “specializing” in abortions past the 24th week of pregnancy. He has had his medical license suspended four times for botched abortions, illegal late-term abortions, and dispensing drugs without a license. He has also faced legal and disciplinary actions for making up false threats from pro-life advocates and “reporting” them to authorities.
In a 2011 legal case that received no  media attention, Pendergraft was ordered by a court to pay the survivor of a failed abortion $36 million in damages for injuries she suffered during the abortion.
The baby was viable when aborted.  She survived. Injured by the abortion process, she is blind and disabled, unable to function or survive without caregivers.  Most such cases are settled out of court for undisclosed amounts of money, then sealed so the public never knows the truth about the dangers or the illegal, unethical, and unsafe practices that are common among abortionists. 
Abortionist Pendergraft has failed to pay the damages, has reopened his clinics in Florida and is again netting thousands a day while having mothers deliver their babies into a toilet.  His medical license has been suspend indefinitely; he employs an abortionist who is facing charges for slapping a patient and malpractice charges for critically injuring two patients.
In 2012, “Documentation that Pendergraft is operating a late-term abortion operation in Maryland confirms that state as the Late-term Abortion Capital of America,” said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue and Pro-Life Nation. “Pendergraft joins the likes of New Jersey’s Steven Brigham and Nebraska’s LeRoy Carhart, who targeted Maryland for their late-term businesses because of the state’s reputation of allowing abortionists to operate without regulation or accountability."
Considered objectively, there is a difference between (1) the legal right to choose abortion and (2) the life of a viable child, is there not? 
Despite the heated arguments pro and con regarding a woman's choice, the issues of post-viability abortion and a live-born child being subsequently killed or allowed to die ... these are either first degree murder (a specific intent to kill, premeditated) or negligent homicide. Both are common practice.
I remember holding my baby in my arms, the beautiful life I could see in her eyes, and of today's culture I cannot but note, this is not 'freedom of choice'.   This is unspeakable horror, done deliberately and knowingly by a strangely conscienceless industry.  Both the child and the child's mother are victims.

* In Britain, 2003, a baby at 24 weeks gestation was born alive following three abortion procedures. As of 2005, he is healthy and is the first long-term survivor of abortion to be born this prematurely.[1] [2]