Tuesday, September 2, 2014


What are the chances I'm not an idiot?

Living in the developed world puts us in the top 10% or so of humanity for wealth and income. If we hit our national median, that's the world's top 1%.  That means we're extraordinarily insulated from the real world, sheltered in wealth and security, and we're perhaps irrational when we complain that the grocery store doesn't have the bread we like.  Ever done that?  Most folks are happy if they can get bread.  Any.

Today's perhaps most difficult challenge is living with continuous awareness of Christian principle instead of by our privileged cultural norm.  At least, that's the struggle that bothers me the most.

So begins the walk along that different pathway.  How much of my life is for my benefit and pleasure, and how much is better spent on others?  Stupidhead hard questions, my wife says.

Give us this day, bread, and deliver us from the evil before us, oh God.

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