Wednesday, September 23, 2015


Or not, perhaps.  

We've been carried along for quite a distance. Any chance of recovery?

Choosing to go counter-common is high-risk and a guarantee of difficulty.  Should we even make the attempt?

None of us are normal, centered, or balanced in our understanding. Each is bent by culture and circumstance, by self and others, even after a lifetime of thoughtful growth and refined thinking.

The very best we might hope for is continued instruction and breaking change where we're the part that gets broken.  How many things could be profitably broken out of our thinking?

  • self things that shouldn't come first
  • status things that shouldn't matter
  • winning ... when coming alongside is the better choice
  • judging ... when understanding might make a difference
  • looking down on others as though we were above, somehow
  • reaching for more ... when giving would be so much better
Even at our best, we don't get it right every time.  Each still has room for more change, and getting it right, even just occasionally, is such a joy.
Preaching to myself again.