Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Reinforce for strength

This is the fun part of being a genuine person.  We build our own identity and character over a lifetime.

Self-construction starts with ideas and concepts we get during our formative years, usually from parents and others.  Those are templates and perhaps a foundation upon which we will build.

Every element of personality,
identity, and character must
be built up and prepared
for the battle to come,
or it will fail at the
critical moment
of specific
Morals, ethics, theology, philosophy, and worldview before age twelve or so are usually simple and comfortable.  If left unrefined, they'll settle in as part of who we are but in a perhaps insubstantial way.

That can be a problem when real life intrudes.  If we don't have the depth and strength we need, we can do harm to ourselves and others when the day comes.

Deal with it!  One way is a deliberate disassembly, validation, and reassembly of each aspect of our identity and character, of every value we hold.  Opportunities for such honesty aren't offered by quiet times and pointless days, however.

Honesty hears a differing opinion without anger, a contradictory analysis without judgement, an alternative solution without criticism, and in so doing you have opportunity to know what you believe and why.  Often, we'll learn more from folks who don't think like we do, those who see things differently.
(If you can't have a comfortable discussion as an outsider, you don't know why you endorse the values you hold.  An angry response in such a conversation comes from insecurity and fear, does it not?)
Reinforce for strength.  Study to know and live the truth, and in so doing, you'll find you need not be ashamed, rightly handling truth as it is offered.