Thursday, October 20, 2016

How many?

Mongol Conquests
Death Toll Estimate: 60 Million

World War 1
Death Toll Estimate: 65 Million

World War 2
Death Toll Estimate: 72 Million

European Colonization of the Americas
Death Toll Estimate: 100 Million

Child mortality by starvation or preventable disease
Death toll estimate: 300 Million+ since 1970

Death by war in the 20th century is estimated at 200+ million.  The death toll from preventable causes among children under age five and just since 1970 exceeds 300 million.  And that is just the children.  The death of each precious child was a great loss to their family.  Across populations, death and suffering from poverty, economic inequality, and disenfranchisement (all unnecessary and addressable) are beyond measure.  Or excuse.

While there are many difficult problems associated with civilization, it's worth remembering that deprivation from generation to generation is not chosen by the victims, it is imposed by governance and sustained by predatory trade and finance.

Seeing the problem perhaps reveals the solution as well.

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