Wednesday, October 5, 2016

The Lesser of Two Wevils

Choosing between any two distasteful options is sometimes described as the lesser of two evils, the one likely to do less harm, perhaps.

If the choices are both evil, is their a higher path?  Is there a third option acceptable to conscience?

Or do we have to live with having put our stamp of approval on some dancing weevil?  Can I face years of knowing I had anything to do with it? The destruction of foreign policy, the economic collapse, the upheaval in the court systems, the world turmoil ...  :)  Yeah, though I walk through the valley of whatever, I will fear no weevil.

This year's election includes many offices to be filled and perhaps some ballot initiatives as well.  We'll perhaps skirt that dark insectivoreal realm as we participate, but with liberty comes responsibility.

My wife so hates puns, she wouldn't even let me read this one to her.  

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