Monday, October 24, 2016

Love problems

The first problem with love is the tenderness it provokes in us. It can bring an almost overwhelming vulnerability that's like living with a knife in your heart.
The second is the furious strength and crystal clarity required to love well and fully.

The warm affection we feel is just that; a feeling.
The pleasure we experience in their presence is just that; our pleasure.
The joy of spending time together is ours, too, as are the memories.
All that is good, but it isn't the centerpiece.

Egyptian woman kisses a policeman during the
revolution against Mubarak [Egypt, 2011]
What we do and the choices we make, those are at the center of genuine love.  When we choose in the best interest of another, whether it's instructing our child or feeding the hungry, whether it's standing up for the good of others or losing our place because we put someone else first, it's what we do and the choices we make that embody genuine love.

If you care just a little, you'll do a little.
If you love, you'll stay alongside.

Brazilian protester carrying an injured officer
to safety as violence escalates
 [Sao Paulo, Brazil, 2012]
Love is the root of character.  The one who loves truly will serve well and will do so even at personal cost.
Let's not pretend we love one another if we can't get past politics or race or culture.
Strong love is durable, it makes a place for others and has no need to put another down or to insult or do harm.  Strong love is a life-changer, a help-bringer, a world-changer.  It's the light that shines brightest on dark days. It's our greatest offering.