Saturday, April 9, 2016


Annoying reality -- household products we buy in bottles are about 95% water.  The price we pay is primarily for the bottle and shipping and middlemen.  And convenience; you just point and squirt.

The actual non-water content might cost a dime or two to manufacture and fit in a small packet.  Whether it is shampoo, dish soap, window cleaner, or magic-gel toilet scrubber, the part that you don't have already is tiny.

My granddaughter will appreciate this one.  :)   
So what would happen if we could buy little packets for all those things?  Would it make a difference in plastic consumption and waste?  Would it lower our home costs?  Would it really annoy some big businesses?  Of course.

BUT, it would be terribly inconvenient. You'd have to open the packet and put it in a bottle of water.  (Actually, that's where the industry started; with 'labor-saving' solutions.)

Just because it's familiar doesn't mean it's a good solution or even intelligent, and that applies rather broadly in our lives.  Consumerist norms are a play for money and little else.  Can we find a better path? Yes, and it's more fun that way.

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