Thursday, April 21, 2016


'Poor' is not a character flaw.  
It's a container.

No one chooses to live without enough to feed their family.  No one chooses to live where it isn't safe and there are dangerous people influencing their children. No one chooses to prevent their children from having a better life.

Poverty is done to you by others, most often by neglect. Opportunity is denied to you by others; fair treatment, fair education, fair wages, acceptance, support, encouragement, a hand up and a way out ... those things are denied by culture, prejudice, policy, and practices of governments who favor the wealthy at the expense of most others.  It trickles up, not down, and the injustice persists from generation to generation.
We can make a difference, we can perhaps help break the container if we can climb above common thinking, common acceptance of such practices.  Uncommon might be better.  So what specifically might we do?

Change makers and help bringers have more fun.

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