Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Fit in.

Fit in.  That's the pressure point 
  in most venues 
    on most issues 
      for most folks 
        most of the time.  
It's the right path, perhaps. 
Cooperation, collaboration, careful compromise ... it's a fragile world, a vulnerable culture, and difficult times for us all.

Hogwash.  Life is filled with opportunity, end to end, wall to wall, and as far as the eye can see.    Be the person you know you should be, not the one you squash into some corner.  

Every life moment needs a hero, does it not? 

Say what's right, always, and with a good heart ...
 º  it might help you see the way forward,
   º   it might turn a friend to the right path,
     º    it might turn a business down a better road,
       º     and it might change something really big into
                  something really great.     

Turn on your best light. :) 
(and don't be a butthead about it, but that's an entirely different subject.)

And here's a perhaps refreshing way to start the day.
Notice the full engagement by the young folks.
Encouraging stuff. 

Care for an example? You might appreciate Recent Past Remembered
Or an ancient understanding which As a youngster, I was told with a smile ...

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