Thursday, October 8, 2015


Our congressional representatives attempt to block Syrian
refugees (about 10,000 planned) in the queue for
the U.S. as France agrees to accept 30,000.
  • A focus on recent events to the exclusion of history. 
We can be overburdened by present concerns.  Lacking a longer-term perspective, both discussion and decisions may move ahead without consideration of the timeless truths and values available.

The painful turmoil over refugees entering America is perhaps an excellent example.  With political candidates in the queue for national office, the subject opened spillways of excess thought that were released downstream.  Actual facts and objectivity took a while to emerge.  Deeper understanding didn't arrive for weeks, long after the players had flooded the channels with solutions for problems that didn't exist.

Ignored in the flail are the values we claim as a nation.  We will defend the helpless, we will lend a hand to those struggling to survive, we will stand against injustice.  With only a few hiccups along the way, we have long been a haven for refugees.  

Lost in the storm of words and fear ... our backbone?   ... what else is lost?
Update: 2 MAR 16

Shall we build a wall and deport all the foreigners?  If ever there were a time for clarity and values and courage ..., well, this is another one.  

2 MAR 16:  I'm reminded of a playground incident; some bee's nest had been disturbed, and the swarm was chasing us kids.  A couple got stung as we ran to the school entrance.  They wouldn't let us in.  They didn't want us to disturb the teacher's meeting because it was really important.  

We all remember them fondly, of course.