Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Why the difference?

Why, indeed ...
  • We thought of humanity as separate races with significant differences until we discovered we're all from one origin and biologically the same.  That's new, or at least the science is.  
  • Then we decided that our differences were culture, intellect, and character ... until after the Cold War when we discovered we're all virtually identical.  That's new also, and geography isn't it either.
  • We've insisted that the top groups are ethically superior and more willing to work.  Then we find out the reverse is the reality; the ethically sound and hardest working aren't at the top of the income scale, they're at the bottom.  
  • We've claimed that financial success was earned and a noble goal, but watching the worldwide movement of wealth (every natural resource, business and labor productivity, income, wealth creation), we find that the flow is bottom-to-top in virtually every local, regional, and world market and industry, and progressively more so through modern history.
  • Generally off the mark on every premise so far, we watch the widening GAP between the top 10% or so and everyone else.  What does it mean?
Ever wonder if your perspective, your worldview, might be a bit incomplete?  Of course it is.  The difficult task is deciding what we're going to do next.  If we're conformers, we'll pass by on the other side of the street.

Want some fun suggestions?

We could pick a couple of targets we know and understand, then plan and finance them.  One local and one distant.  Help a friend, equip a family, make a difference.  Commit for the duration, know the folks involved.  It changes things at both ends.  :)

help out when you're asked, or better yet, before you're asked
help a kid through school, through college or trade school
help a family build their home and flocks and gardens
help a community build a library or a clinic
help a school with supplies for the kids
help some refugees get resettled and start over
help a community with med assistance
help a family through a rough spot
help a friend through a crisis
help the widowed and the orphaned here and elsewhere
help the hungry and sick and needy
or even go see for yourself.  It's more fun that way.