Saturday, October 10, 2015

The Beauty of Life

Kids cracking up while trying to pose for a picture.  It
was their idea.  In the background, my friend and his
nephew rest in the shade on a warm afternoon.
"The beauty of life depends not only on how happy u r, but how happy others have been bcoz of u!  Hope u had a flowery day.  Bye!"

The text message from a good friend in eastern Africa pretty much made my day.  He and his family made a place for me when I was there years ago, and they'd visited me when I was laid up with broken ribs; they prayed for me and wept as I struggled with the pain. They brought me a gift of special cashews for my final going away, and they never asked for anything.

The family is doing pretty well.  They've built another simple house after having been evicted by government from lands they had lived on for generations.  They all live together - mom, brother, sister, grandma, little fellow, plus nieces and nephews.  Together, they do a small charcoal business in the village.  With a little help, the kids are in school, health issues are addressed, one nephew has finished trade school and internship, ... things are going okay.  We swap texts and stories every few weeks, and sometimes pictures.

In his text message, he was again thanking me for helping out with some simple things.  Our relationship goes both ways.  He and his family have given us so much over the years.  They've taught us about things like faith and working together, loving practically.  And perseverance.  They work all week and their Sunday church service if full of praise and thanksgiving and prayer for each other and for us.  I hope they know what a help they are.